Welcome to my blog

I’m Christina and I live in Boston where I study journalism and political science at Emerson College. I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan, a land of many bookstores, lush greenery, The Big House, foodies, and Mayer Hawthorne. I’m the assistant news editor at my college newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon, and a staff writer at Emerson’s first LGBT magazine, Vent Magazine. I like to read The Week, The Boston Globe, The Detroit Free Press,  anything Hilton Als writes at The New Yorker, and I listen to NPR while I brush my teeth and put on lipstick in the morning. I’m also a type one diabetic, a vegetarian, a cyclist, a yogi, and a feminist. I like leisurely mornings with good friends and coffee, getting lost in cities, cooking, and hiking. My blog will be a multi-media hub featuring stories from both my school work and everyday life.

Hi, I'm Christina and welcome to my blog!


One thought on “Welcome to my blog

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