Type 1 diabetic pick-up lines

This is a work in progress—a lifelong task I’ve taken up. Some of this is original content and some I’ve stumbled upon in odd places. Oh, and yeah, a few of these have worked.

  1. “You’re so cute. I am getting hyperglycemia just by looking at you.”
  1. “You remind me of my needles…Because you’re ultra fine.”
  1. “So what’s your type?” “Type 1”
  1. “Strip for me? Test strip that is, I’m all out.”
  1. “You spike my blood.”
  1. “Looks like my blood sugar isn’t the only thing on the rise right now.”
  1. “Hey girl can you check your blood sugar? Cuz I would love to know your number.”
  1. “Baby my blood sugar is a little low, gimme some sugar?”
  1. “How about we go back to my place, I know a way to make your blood sugar drop.”

10. “What’s your number?”

You remind me of my needles, ultra fine.

You remind me of my needles. Ultra fine.


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