Check out my latest opinion on the Berkeley Beacon– “Fast Fashion’s lasting woes”

Before you swipe your cash card and pick up new digs at Forever21 this weekend, give my latest opinion work a read. I urge you to know the stories behind the clothes you buy and think before you pop tags.

Read my latest, “Fast Fashion’s lasting woes”

“We’re blasted with statistics and images of poverty and pollution from far away places, but rarely do we consider the surprisingly intimate connection we may share with a woman halfway across the globe. It’s even more rare for us to act to improve this relationship. Spending responsibly on clothes is mutually beneficial for both the low-wage working producers and American consumers, and our dollars would go further if spent on higher quality clothes or thrifted buys. If we examine the oppressed perspectives of our fast fashion producers, we can have a better understanding of how to improve our relationships with the global textile economy.”


Foreplay: The Most Underrated Part of Sex

“During a recent Sunday brunch with my crew, my girlfriend was retelling her night’s sexscapades and blurted out a now infamous line her guy dropped right before things got hot-and-heavy. They’re making out, and he comes up for air, takes her by the shoulders and says completely seriously, ‘Ok, wanna make a game plan?'”

Read my latest, “Foreplay: The Most Underrated Part of Sex” on Pleasure Pie, to learn why game-plan-guy accidentally created an ingenious sex-positive concept.

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